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Julia VinsBeautiful Russian girl Julia Vins was born 21 May, 1996 in the city of Engels, Russia. One day the gorgeous girl felt she had to protect herself to feel confident, and she enthusiastically started visiting the gym. Julia has been engaged in powerlifting since September 2012.

«Initially, I set a goal to become stronger, because I have absolutely no confidence in myself. At first, I just went to the gym, for a year worked without a program, and in September 2012 I had the opportunity to engage in powerlifting, and this year was fruitful enough, in terms of sporting achievement. I started going to the gym at my new school. There was only coach in powerlifting and kettlebell lifting. I did not like kettlebell lifting, because I wanted to harmoniously developed body. And I simply had no choice. I do what I want to see for myself, and this is my life. Also impossible to please everybody. There will always be people who respect my choice, or simply to adequately explain why they do not like, and unfortunate, that nothing in this life is achieved easily. I am following my dream.»

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  1. You are strong and gorgeous! I admire and respect you so much for your dedication snd efforts in lifting. I love how you have developed and grown your arms! I am a bodybuilder. It is rare to encounter anyone that is focused snd motivayed as you. I wish that I had started as young as you. I truly wish you sll the Best in life!

  2. By reading your story I can tell that you’re different then other girls because you do what you like and don’t care about what other’s say and this is what inspired me to make my goals become true by working hard just like you. Thank you 🙂

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