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PRE-ORDERComing soon will be released t-shirts and hoodies with my design. I wanted to this design showing the whole my way, and that it was motivated tens of thousands of my comrades around the world to pursue their goals and don’t stop spite of everything.

This is my story.

From the beginning of my training on my way always appear different obstacles. When I first came to the gym I was still studying at school. All my friends, classmates, relatives said: «You will not achieve success» аnd this sport is bad for my health.

No one believed in my success, I had no support, I had no money. But I did not give up. I just was training almost every day. 

After some time I took part in my first powerlifting competition, which I have received zero score… I failed to realize that what I was ready. At that moment I wanted to stop everything and never take part in the competition. 

But I did not give up.

After that, I decided to take part in the Russia Powerlifting Championship and with even greater enthusiasm began a new training from scratch. I trained hard and became very strong and I was ready to update all world records. But before one day of the competition, I was attacked by a hater, which has long haunted me. That day I almost lost my sight from the sprayed pepper spray. But I did not give up. With high fever and severely poisoned I won the Championship and set two world records.

After that, people started to write in the Internet that my results are too weak and I should retire from the sport. 

I did not stop.

A few months later, I took first place at the World Cup AWPC 2014, set several World Records and officially made the greatest results among girls under 18 years old.

Now they tell me that my strength — it steroids, although I never used doping and I don’t plan to do it. And nobody asks me about how long and how hard I train. 

I think that each of you had some failed in life. 

But failure — is not the end — this is only the beginning of a GREAT success.

Don’t Stop — it’s the secret of real power.

— Julia Vins


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